CANADA 25 cents 2013 Canadian Arctic Expedition Uncirculated Quarter 12-Pack

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In 1913, an international crew of scientists, sailors, guides and crewmen called the Canadian Arctic Expedition (CAE) set sail on a remarkable voyage of discovery in Canada's High Arctic. During the five years that followed, their work would touch unprecedented facets of Canada's far-flung northern reaches, including: previously unknown lands and islands, as well as thousands of photographs, artifacts and specimens that offered Canadians a glimpse of life in the Arctic. Their discoveries not only better defined Canada's northern boundaries, but fundamentally contributed to Canada's scientific, social and cultural knowledge of the Arctic and the people who lived there. 

Your 12-coin set commemorates an important event in the history of Canada! Ideal for your Canadian history display or to give to a friend to start theirs!

Special features:
  •  One coin in your set commemorates the Arctic Expedition’s achievements, and your other coin celebrates Canadian life in the North.
  •  Your coin set includes both variations of unique frosting for a total of four different coins.
  •  You receive twelve 25-cent coins.

100th Anniversary of the Canadian Arctic Expedition Design:
This coin was designed by Canadian artist Bonnie Ross and draws on photography from the Canadian Arctic Expedition. The coin depicts a group of three men aboard a dogsled, the waiting dog team before them listening for the command to move on across the Arctic tundra. The skyline and horizon in the background are filled with a stylized image of a compass. 

Life in the North Design:
Designed by renowned Inuit artist Tim Pitsiulak, this coin includes a beautifully detailed design that combines animal and human imagery. A traditional whaling boat and three kayaks wrap around the image along the rim to depict a traditional bowhead whale hunt. Two beluga whales swim alongside a bowhead whale – animals that have long been a source of inspiration to the artist. The bowhead is adorned with several elements drawn from the Inuit culture. To honour the Tuniit people who first crossed the Bering Strait from Siberia, Dorset ivory masks adorn the bowhead’s lower jaw and its back. A Thule ivory comb lies across the top of the whale’s head, representing the Inuit expansion across Canada. The pattern on the whale’s side mimics the walls of an igloo, while the amauti design that graces the whale’s tale symbolizes the clothing worn by Inuit women.


Condition: Non-circulated

Packaging: Sealed in cellophane wrap

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